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The Arizona College and Career Guide is a comprehensive, alphabetical listing of Arizona's universities, colleges, and career/technical schools.  If you are looking
for information in regards to online colleges, this website 
has usefull tools. You can pick from state, degree of interest,
private, public and size to narrow down your choices.
This user-friendly college search engine gives students access to over 5,500 colleges nationwide. No registration is necessary and the site provides a direct link to the colleges of your choice. 

 This website has helpful information and links for parents and students

on what to do, how to pay, and why to go to college. It encourages 

students to create a roadmap on they are going to get to college. There

is also a link to the FAFSA website.


College Theatre Directory is a searchable database that contains a wealth of information about more than 270 college

theatre programs in the United States. Students can filter their searches of the database to fit their needs, interests,

and budget by specifying a geographic location, campus setting, cost range, degree, major, and other variables. The

directory can be found at



This user friendly site gives you a step-by-step guide to getting into college, from timelines and "to-do" lists for each year in high school to tips on financial aid and scholarships. Get on and stay on the college track with the help of this great resource - For students and parents alike! 


Check out this one-stop site for students and parents with information on financial strategies, career options, and college planning. 


This website lets you search for specific college information and allows you to identify colleges that fit your needs and desires. You can also find financial aid information and employment opportunities after college. 


NextSTEP Magazine is a great resource for all college-bound students and their parents. This bi-monthly publication includes well-written and informative articles on the entire college process and provides information links on careers, colleges nationwide, and scholarships. To access their scholarship links, go to the Home page, click on Step-by-Step, then click on Step no. 5 and scroll down to Scholarship Resources Links. 


Western Undergraduate Exchange - If you want to go to college out of state,
but don't want to pay the high cost of out-of-state tuition, the WUE is for you! 
The WUE allows students to enroll in certain Western U.S. two-year 
and four-year colleges for just 50% more than the cost of in-state tuition. 
There are fourteen states in addition to Arizona that participate in the WUE: 
Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, 
North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
 Log on to find out which two- and four-year colleges participate in the 
Western Undergraduate Exchange.


This website includes information on everything from initially looking at colleges to preparing applications and applying for financial aid and scholarships. 


This one-stop guide, sponsored by The Coalition of America's Colleges and Universities, is a valuable source of information on preparing for, choosing and paying for college. 


This site allows you to enter very specific search criteria for a college that is the perfect fit for you. On the main page, click on "Find a School." 


Plug in your major, interests and location, and this federal government site will fetch likely matches from profiles of more than 7,000 colleges. 

AZCAN is funded through College Access Challenge Grant Funds and is supported by the Govenor's Office. It is focused on increasing the capacity of college access programs and ensuring the quality of services provided to low-incme, first generation students. There are tips and tools to help prepare students transition into and succeed in postsecondary education. 



 AZTRANSFER is a community college to university tool. Students can plan their community college course load using the this tool. If you have already taken community college courses, use the the Course Equivalency guide to learn how your credits transfer to ASU, NAU and U of A.  OR are websites that offer virtual tours of colleges and universities. If students are

interested in a college or univeristy that is a great distance away, they can visit this website for a

virtual tour. Database This directory was compiled and organized by and its whole team, whose mission is to provide comprehensive source of information of online programs in the US. The comprehensive database includes thousands of college catalogs and has served as a helpful resource for many high school and college students exploring the possibility of enrolling in online programs from well known schools and colleges.

Educational Opportunity


National Association for College Admissions Counseling